B.A. in Theatre

B.A. in Theatre

Theatre in higher education creates not only strong theatre artists and articulate theatre educators, but also effective public leaders and compassionate visionaries in all professions. Theatre in higher education encourages students to understand the unique history, theory and practice of theatre and performance through intellectual and experiential investigation. It challenges students to investigate cultural performances onstage and off, and to imagine new avenues for the creative spirit. 

You may choose careers as teachers, actors, directors, playwrights, critics, dramaturgs, designers, administrators, and managers. These careers can be pursued within universities, performing arts organizations, related nonprofits organizations and the media.

Due to our small size and frequency of productions and classes we can offer students hands on opportunities to focus in their area of emphasis while completing the major requirements that are required of all B.A. in Theatre majors. In addition, our small size ensures that regardless of your emphasis students will graduate with multiple productions worth of experience, leadership/internship opportunities, and employable skills.

Possible Emphases Include:

  • Acting
  • Design/Tech
  • Directing
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre Management/Administration