Berks Learning Factory

Berks Learning Factory

Learning Factory students at Armstrong

Applied experience is essential in training engineers to undertake real problems with real-world constraints and parameters. At Penn State Berks, engineering students gain this experience by working on multidisciplinary design projects at all academic levels to solve challenging problems.

Hands-on problem solving teaches students to apply technical knowledge and can prepare them for engineering careers by exposing them to the technical demands, potential pitfalls, and professional expectations of practicing engineers.

Participating companies will benefit by building relationships with students and getting new ideas for real design problems. You can help students learn about the real world by sponsoring the following types of projects:

First-year Projects offer hands-on engineering design to first-year students and early interaction with future employees for companies.

Senior-year Design Projects offer students the opportunity to get involved in advanced engineering design challenges. (Mechanical Engineering and Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology

Independent Design Research Projects offer students the opportunity to get involved in elective engineering design challenges.

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