Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Abdou, Khaled
Associate Professor of Financial Services, Accounting
Gaige, 326, 610-396-6173
Adams, Paula
Administrative Coordinator, Student Affairs
Perkins, 14, 610-396-6062
Alikhani, Ali
Associate Professor of Mathematics , Mathematics
Gaige, 306, 610-396-6212
Althouse, Melody
Administrative Support Assistant, Registrar's Office
Franco, 125, 610-396-6086
Amaral, Katie
Associate Professor Chemistry
Luerssen Building, 225, 610-396-6329
Angstadt, Heather
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Janssen Office Building, 207, 610-396-6052
Ansari, Mohamad A.
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics
Gaige, 320, 610-396-6129
Antisdel, Patricia
Instructor, Supply Chain Management
Arnold, Jennifer
Associate Professor of Biology, Biology
Luerssen, 232, 610-396-6002, 610-396-6174
Ashby, Kathy
Director, Housing and Food Services
Perkins, 106A, 610-396-6356
Aurentz, David
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Luerssen Building, 220, 610-396-6397
Avram, Joel
Officer, Police Services
Luerssen, 112B, 610-396-6111
Aynardi, Martha
Senior Lecturer, Biology
Director of Academic Support & Projects
Franco Building, 152, 610-396-6228
Baker, Terry L.
Senior Lecturer in English Full-time, Senior Lecturer in English
Franco Building, 155, 610-396-6405
Baldi, Lisa
Director, Strategic Communications
Janssen Office Building, 101, 610-396-6054
Balliett, Cindy
Administrative Support Assistant, Student Support Services
Perkins, 6, 610-396-6073
Bandyopadhyay , Piya
Instructor , Math
610-396-6390, ext 3013
Bandyopadhyay, Pradip
Professor, Physics
Science Division Head
Luerssen Building, 133, 610-396-6034
Barakati, Amir
Gaige Building, 239, 610-396-6340
Bartolacci, Michael R.
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Gaige Building, 217, 610-396-6175