New Student Orientation Part 1 - Advising Component

New Student Orientation Part 1 - Advising Component

Student meeting with individual adviser during FTCAP

Advising at NSO1


At NSO1 you will learn about the academic environment at PSU, the requirements and expectations, and begin to plan your college program of study. In consultation with an academic adviser, you will select and schedule your first semester's courses. The program runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m.

Advising dates begin mid-June. (See NSO1 Dates)

The advising component of NSO1 is the first stage of your academic advising. The focus of this program is on individual educational planning and academic advising based on a student's strengths. "Strengths are habits, attitudes, talents, abilities, ways of seeing the world and ways of interacting with people, things, and ideas that enable someone to do something particularly well. By capitalizing on one's strengths, motivation is increased, success is more likely, and obstacles are more easily overcome." (Schreiner, Henck, 2007).

At the Berks campus you will be invited to attend a FULL-DAY of NSO1. The invitations will be mailed beginning mid-April via a postcard AFTER your NSO1 placement test is completed.  You are strongly encouraged to keep your calendar free during this time so that you can attend your assigned NSO1 day. Your families are encouraged to attend this day with you.

This program:






  • Provides you with the results of your English and Math placements.
  • Provides you with a one-on-one interview with a NSO1 adviser. During this interview, you will discuss your educational plans and the characteristics of those academic programs in which you have expressed an interest.
  • Familiarizes you with the academic structure of Penn State and with the wide range of degree programs available.
  • Provides you with a Penn State Student ID. In order to obtain a Penn State id+Card, students must present one of the following forms of photo IDs: A state issued drivers license or ID card, a passport, U.S. or a Military Photo ID. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING this with you on YOUR NSO1 DAY!
  • Acquaints you with the Berks campus, our procedures, some of our staff, and our out-of-class environment.
  • Helps you select courses and register for your first semester of study. Course selection is done via group Advising Meetings and is for students only.