New Student Orientation Part 1 - Testing Component

New Student Orientation Part 1 - Testing Component

Students registering for computer access

Math Placement Testing for the Fall semester 2015 will begin in March.


Mathematics testing is required of all entering first-year students and is important because all majors at the University require courses in quantification. This test measures a student's knowledge of various algebra and trigonometry topics. The test is particularly important for students entering programs of study that require calculus,particularly engineering, science, and business majors, since the results will indicate which courses to schedule in calculus, algebra, and/or trigonometry.

Details about the math placement test will be sent to you from University Park beginning early in March. Your acceptance fee needs to be paid before you can test.  A postcard will provide you with the testing website and you will be given a deadline date to complete the test. If for any reason you do not complete the test by your deadline date, you will need to contact University Park at 814-865-4178 to request an extension.

The results of the math placement test are used to determine your appropriate starting levels in mathematics.

You should do your best on these test because the result will specify at what level you will begin math, i.e., whether you will need to take developmental work, whether you can start at the standard beginning level, or whether you can begin at an advanced level. Those students who do not take this test seriously generally find themselves in lower levelsPlease take these tests seriously and do your best.

Basic Skills - The results are used to identify any weaknesses in basic mathematics.

Educational Planning and Academic Advising - The results provide a sound base of specific information on which to evaluate your educational plans by indicating to you and your academic adviser where you stand in various academic areas in relation to other Penn State students, what you can expect to achieve academically at Penn State, and in which types of educational programs you would probably do well.



Many science, engineering, and health-focused programs require CHEM 110. CHEM 110 is a rigorous course involving significant mathematical manipulation and algebra proficiency. Placement into an appropriate course will take place during the conversation you have with your adviser at New Student Orientation. Your placement will be based on your previous exposure  to chemistry in high school, the results of any honors or AP chemistry exams, and your performance on the ALEKS Math Assessment.