Ansari, Mohamad A.

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics Department
Luerssen, 212J, 610-396-6129

Dr. Ansari is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Penn State Berks. His field of research interest is in Operator Theory, a branch of Functional Analysis. More specifically, Dr. Ansari studies the Open Question: The Invariant Subspace Problem and has published a number of research articles that have led to partial solutions of this internationally well known problem.

Since 1983, Dr. Ansari has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. At Penn State Great Valley, the Graduate Center in Malvern, he has taught a series of advanced courses in Pure & Applied Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, and Quantitative Business Analysis. Dr. Ansari has also served as Thesis Advisor for more than ten graduate students at Penn State Great Valley.

Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Research Interests: 
Operator Theory; Transitive and Reductive Operator Algebras