Hale, Bruce D.

Professor of Kinesiology, Kinesiology
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114A Beaver Community Center

Dr. Bruce Hale is a Professor of Kinesiology at Penn State Berks. Dr. Hale earned his Ph. D. in 1981 from Penn State University in Sport Psychology in Physical Education. He is a certified consultant and fellow in the Association for the Advancement for Applied Sport Psychology. He was an accredited educational and research sport psychologist in the British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences and on the USOC Registry for Sport Psychology professionals. He has done performance enhancement consulting for 25 years with hundreds of athletes in junior sports, collegiate sports, several professional teams and elite national teams such as USA Wrestling, British Biathlon, USA Rowing, TAC, and USA Rugby. In the area of mental imagery research, he completed his dissertation research on imagery perspectives and psycho-physiological responses and has published two texts, several book chapters, and over 40 research articles in sport and exercise psychology. He is a USA Rugby Level III Coach of rugby and recently published Rugby Tough, a rugby mental preparation text, through Human Kinetics Publishers.

Ph.D., Physical Education, Penn State University
M.S., Physical Education, Penn State University
B.S., Physical Education, St. Lawrence University
Smith, D., & Hale, B. D. (2005). Exercise Dependence in Bodybuilding: Antecedents and Reliability of Measurement. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 45, 401-408.
Hale, B. D. (2007). The Effects of Internal and External Imagery on Muscular and Ocular Concomitants. In Key Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (Chap. 14), D. Levallee, J. Williams, & M. Jones (Eds.). New York: McGraw-Hill.