Santaniello, Weaver

Professor, Philosophy
Program Coordinator, OLEAD
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116 Franco Building

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Dr. Santaniello, Professor of Philosophy, came to Penn State in the fall of 1996. Weaver, as she prefers to be called, especially enjoys teaching courses on Ethics-ethical theory, Critical Thinking, and debating with students. Her specialized research topic is philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1884-1900). She is the author of Nietzsche, God, and the Jews (SUNY 1994), which addressed the central topic of Nietzsche’s relationship to Jews and Judaism, with a pioneering emphasis on his attack on Christianity and Christian antisemitism in nineteenth-century Germany. Her most recent book, Zarathustra’s Last Supper: Nietzsche’s Eight Higher Men (Ashgate 2005), established the “higher men” as historic individuals; they have always been simply regarded as a group. She is also co-editor and editor of Nietzsche and Depth Psychology and Nietzsche and the Gods, respectively; and has written numerous articles on Nietzsche in relation to Jewish Studies, as well as other topics of interest. She is currently composing a manuscript on Nietzsche’s image in American culture, with a focus on WWII and the Nazis (mis)use of his philosophy.