Williams, Kesha Morant

Associate Professor in Communication Arts & Sciences, Communication Arts & Sciences Department
Program Coordinator, Communication Arts & Sciences Department
Mailing Address: 
144 Franco Building

Dr. Kesha Morant Williams is an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences. She teaches courses including research methods, interpersonal, group, family and health communication. Her research interest focuses on interpersonal relationships, health communication and popular media examined through a cultural lens. She is also interested in African American communication, pro-social and anti-social behaviors, decision making, and entertainment-education. Her research has been published in Journal of Health Communication, Journal of Black Studies, Howard Journal of Communications, Journal of Media and Religion and (forthcoming) the book Inter/Cultural Communication: Representation and construction of culture in everyday interaction.

Ph.D., Communication & Culture, Howard University
M.A., Humanities, Penn State University
B.A., Communication Studies, West Chester University
Williams Morant, K. (2011) The Bad Boy of Radio: The Continuity and Extension of African American Communication Dynamics through Talk Elements of the Michael Baisden Radio Show. Howard Journal of Communications, (22)3, 260-279.
Williams Morant, K., & Banjo, O. (2011) A House Divided?: Christian Music in Black and White. Journal of Media & Religion, 10, 115-137.