Pre-Med Camp

Pre-Med Camp

Camp Description:

Pre-Med camp provides an excellent opportunity for those wishing to explore a career in the medical field.  Students will engage in lecture, hands-on lab exercises, demonstrations, and take a field trip tour of a local hospital.  Pre-med campers will receive adult, pediatric and AED training to receive their CPR Certificate during their camp experience.

Camp Overview:

  • Introduction to Penn State Summer Camp and rules/policies, Biology 101, Bones and Organs, A&P study, guest speakers
  • Lab dissection, practicum, patient history/basic medical exam, guest speakers
  • Campers become certified in Adult, Pediatric and AED CPR training
  • Hands-on lab activities, suture and venipuncture exercises, hospital tour field trip
  • Specialty labs including Urology, Endocrinology, Radiology, Oncology

Activities described are general topics and are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.