Special Living Options

Special Living Options

Living & Learning Communities

Introduced in 1999, the Special Learning Option (SLO) program at Penn State Berks is designed to provide a variety of learning opportunities for our students. The experience offers an innovative living and learning environment for residence hall students. Each area focuses on a particular theme and enhances students' out-of-classroom experience with opportunities for them to interact with faculty, staff, and other students. Students who are involved are afforded additional leadership, educational, and social opportunities.

Green House Option

Green House focuses on enhancing students' awareness of the environment and sustainability issues. As a part of Green House, students can make a difference on campus by developing their own environmental initiatives and promoting sustainability efforts across campus. Green House members will be collaborating with University Park's EcoRep program to further develop energy saving efforts on campus. In addition, student will have interaction at a variety of social, educational and environmentally focused programs.

Connections Option

Members of the Connections House develop various connections by promoting our many on-campus clubs and weekend activities. Members will explore ways to connect to both social and educational activities. The Connections Option will sponsor on-campus activities and trips in the surrounding area for students who stay at Berks on weekends. Students in this option will explore ways to collaborate with other campus leaders, faculty, and staff to develop specific weekend activities based on student interest.

Healthy L.I.F.E. Option

Members of the Healthy L.I.F.E. Interest House are committed to "Living In a Free Environment" and promoting substance-free living and responsible decision making. Students will focus on healthy lifestyles and are committed to further education of the risks of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. Housed on fourth floor of Ivy, the Healthy L.I.F.E. Option will help students to explore better choices for their personal health and wellness and provide social and educational opportunities for members. Members of this option will have an opportunity to work and interact with our campus Health and Wellness Committee.

If you have any questions regarding Special Learning Options at Penn State Berks, please call 610-396-6290.