Accounting 211: Online Learning Resources

Accounting 211: Online Learning Resources

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Lolita Paff

Project History

During 2009 - 2010, the Center for Learning & Teaching team at Penn State Berks partnered with accounting professor Lolita Paff to create a blended section of Accounting 211 as part of a Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant (TLI) proposal submitted by Paff. One of the outcomes of the grant was a series of online tutorials and interactive practice exercises which target particular concepts that students typically struggle with.

Process: As part of a hybrid course redesign for Accounting 211, the staff of the Center for Learning & Teaching met with Paff to identify problematic accounting concepts and to develop an appropriate instructional approach.

The TLI Grant project was launched under the direction of John Shank, former director of the Center for Learning & Teaching. Amy Roche, instructional designer, worked with Paff to create storyboards which identified and presented the topics and concepts to be included in the learning resources. Mary Ann Mengel, instructional multimedia designer, continued and completed the iterative design/development process in collaboration with Paff. Development tools included Adobe Flash and Adobe Presenter. Tricia Clark, instructional technologist, provided ANGEL support for the hybrid course.

Strategy: Students view a short online tutorial after which they are directed to a related online practice exercise.

Learning Resources for Accounting 211

Thank you to Cleo House, former Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, and Sheila Walter, Library Assistant, who volunteered as actors in the Supplies tutorial.

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