Advising Prep Sheet for Faculty Advisers

Prior to Advising Meetings

One-week prior to Advising Meeting, e-mail all advisees to remind them to attend the Advising Meetings. You can email all your advisees using LionPATH.

View the advising meeting schedules:

Review your college/major requirements.

At Advising Meetings

Attend your Advising Meeting. Have a sign-up sheet for advisees to make appointments. If you are unable to attend, please let your college representative or program coordinator know as soon as possible.

The schedule of courses can be found at: This site is used by the University and includes class enrollment. Keep extra time grids on hand as well (available in Franco lobby carousel and from Robin Raifsnider in 133 Luerssen)

Tools for Advising

Have advising tools ready and easily accessible, such as:

Degree Audits

Degree audits for your advisees can be obtained from LionPATH. Suggest that your students bring their own audit to the appointment.

Have computer ready with access to LionPATH.

  • Predict GPA
  • ​Placement test scores

Conduct the meeting with the student

  • Overall goal or direction
  • Any issues or concerns with current semester
  • Remind student of last day to late drop 
  • Discuss issues appropriate for student semester standing
  • Schedule planning
  • Remind sophomores of Entrance to Major process
  • Remind first-year students of FYS requirement
  • Refer student to LionPATH to register - The first date that he/she can register will be indicated on his/her degree audit.
  • Provide closure to the meeting


Keep notes of meetings. You can now do this directly on eLion under Advising Notes.

At least once a year, utilize the Academic Review component on eLion to make sure your advisees are making academic progress toward their major.