Associate in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Degree Overview

The Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program prepares graduates for responsible positions in manufacturing enterprises calling for people with strong technical backgrounds of a mechanical nature. Graduates become engineering technicians who work as machine, product, and process designers; computer-aided drafting and design (CADD); personal computer integrated manufacturing specialists; planners; technical sales people; production supervisors; laboratory technicians; and managers. They have exceptional management potential. This program is offered at several other Penn State campuses. (See offerings at other campuses)

Students who enjoy "hands-on" and laboratory experiences and learning how things work should consider engineering technology. Engineering Technicians work with equipment, primarily assembling and testing component parts of devices or systems that have been designed by others; usually under direct supervision of an engineer or engineering technologist. Their preferences are given to assembly, repair, or making improvements to technical equipment by learning its characteristics, rather than by studying the scientific or engineering basis for its original design. They may carry out standard calculations, serve as technical sales people, make estimates of cost, assist in preparing service manuals, or perform design-drafting activities.

As a group, they are important problem solving individuals whose interests are directed more to the practical than to the theoretical aspect of a project. They are frequently employed in laboratories and/or manufacturing facilities where they may set up experiments, accumulate scientific or engineering data, and/or service, or repair engineering or production equipment. Two years of college-level work leading to an associate degree are required to become an engineering technician.

Graduation from ABET-accredited engineering technology programs provide the opportunity to continue education in baccalaureate engineering technology programs with minimal loss of credit. Penn State's Engineering Technology and Commonwealth Engineering's (ETCE) Guidance Pages will help you better understand the various programs and options in engineering (E) and engineering technology (ET) that are available through the Penn State system.

To learn more about other Penn State Associate Degrees in Engineering Technology go to: To learn more about graduation requirements for the Associate Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering,visit the University Bulletin for Undergraduate Degree Programs.