B.A. in Applied Psychology

B.A. in Applied Psychology

The B.A. in Applied Psychology offered by Penn State Berks meets the needs of the majority of psychology students, providing them with a bachelor's degree with a major in Applied Psychology in the liberal arts tradition. The emphasis of this degree program will be on preparing students for direct employment in settings related to psychology. The program will also provide preparation for graduate study in psychology as well as other areas including business, human/social services, and law.

The B.A. in Applied Psychology is a unique program of study, featuring non-traditional learning and intensive internship experiences. Graduates of this program can be expected to gain employment in a variety of fields related to the social and behavioral sciences or business.

Degree Overview

This degree is designed to provide a high-quality, relevant, integrated, skills-based program of instruction in the basic theory, methodology, and application of the discipline of psychology. Non-traditional learning and intensive internship experiences make the program unique. All four years of the program can be completed at PSU Berks.

Graduates from the B. A. in Applied Psychology will gain valuable experiences in various fields such as business, human/social services, criminal justice, and education. Throughout the program you will learn information to hone your field of interest. Most psychology classes are schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, leaving Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays available for students to complete internship and research hours. This program differs from other because it requires students to complete a total of 525 hours of internship experience. Included in the internship experience is 150 hours of research on a topic of your choice.

Complementary Minors and Certificates

Enhance your degree with one of the college’s academic minors. The opportunity to double major is also available. The following minors/majors are recommended for Applied Psychology majors.

  • Business
  • Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Civic & Community Engagement
  • Criminal Justice
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Global Studies
  • Kinesiology
  • Political Science
  • Rehabilitation & Human Services
  • Special Education
  • Theatre
  • Women’s Studies

Internships, Research, and Application

Applied Psychology students are required to conduct their own research on a topic of their choice. This two- semester process will give students the opportunity to learn how to create and submit an Institutional Review Board (IRB) Proposal during the Basic Research Methods in Psychology course. They will collect, analyze, and present the data during their Advanced Research Methods in Psychology course. In addition, there are opportunities for students to present their research studies at conferences and have their research published in academic journals.

After Graduation

The Applied Psychology program offers opportunities for students to explore any field of interest through the implementation of a total of three internship opportunities. The internship seminar help students gain valuable work experience. By the end of Senior year, students will have a completed resume, cover letter, ePortfolio, Business Cards, and Linkedin Account.

Applied Psychology provides an excellent academic foundation for students to enter a wide variety of careers in which they will be interacting with and helping others. Graduates will be prepared for positions in the following fields: behavioral medicine centers, child and youth advocacy agencies, children’s homes and residential treatment centers, community action agencies, community mental health centers, correctional facilities, day care and nursery schools, domestic violence agencies, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, family services agencies, geriatric care centers and residences, psychiatric inpatient units, and rehabilitation centers. Graduates are also well prepared to enter the business world and work in human resources, management, marketing.

The B.A. in Applied Psychology also prepares students for graduate study in fields such as business, counseling and clinical psychology, human and social services, industrial andorganizational psychology, public policy, school psychology, social work, and law.