B.A. in Professional Writing: Superb Student Writing

Superb Student Writing

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Students majoring in Professional Writing, minoring in Professional Writing, and/or taking courses in Professional Writing develop wide-ranging skills as they produce many types of written texts. This web page, which will continue to grow, honors our students? superb work. Enjoy!

To read students' work, click on the links below:

"Are You My Voice?" by Misty Doane, Junior, Professional Writing

"A Woman I Never Saw Before" by Laura Hirneisen, Junior, Professional Writing


Puerto Rican Identity: Differences between Island and Mainland Puerto Ricans, by Karina Borja-Freitag, Senior, Professional Writing

Writer-Writes-Alone, by Brandon Zinnato, Sophomore, Elementary and Kindergarten Education (K-6)

"Intertextuality: Can I be Original?," by Madonna Delfish

"But What is The Truth in Creative Nonfiction?," by Jessica Didow

I Don't Belong, by Karen Kraemer, Senior, Professional Writing

"Finding Meaning Through the Spirit of Revision" by Katelyn Lamm, senior in Professional Writing

"Bane or Boon? A Study of the Effects of Truman Capote?s In Cold Blood on the Literary Landscape"by Jason Tremblay.