Beware of Scholarship Search Companies

Beware of Scholarship Search Companies

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PASFAA Position Statement

Financial Aid Planning & Scholarship Search Companies

The goal of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA) is to advise students and their families seeking financial assistance for post-secondary education. PASFAA provides free services to students about financial aid availability and the application process.

Financial Aid Administrators offer their expertise with regard to eligibility and availability of state, federal and institutional programs. Assistance in the proper and accurate completion of the necessary forms that students use to apply for the various programs is also provided.

PASFAA encourages all interested students and their families to first inquire about financial aid through the financial aid office of the post-secondary institution they are interested in attending. PASFAA members strive to provide professional, accurate advice to students that is free of cost, and is provided in a timely manner.

PASFAA acknowledges the growing number of businesses offering financial aid planning and financial aid application assistance. However, given the diversity of the services provided by these businesses, PASFAA members may not be in a postion to address the legitimacy, reputation, or effectiveness of these companies. Ultimately, the responsibility for determining the potential benefit to be derived from these services lies with the student and the parent.

Adopted November 1993