Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Freeman, Robert [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Luerssen, 213A 610-396-6144
Freese, Justin [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Friesen, Andrew [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Perkins, 120 610-396-6154
Fritz, Autumn [email protected]
Assistant Director, Community Development, Student Affairs
PSU5 Instructor
Perkins, 11 610-396-6098
Furrow, Stanley D. [email protected]
Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Gamberg, Leonard [email protected]
Professor of Physics
Luerssen, 223 610-396-6124
Ghosh, Sudip [email protected]
Associate Professor of Business
Program Chair, Business
Gaige, 324 610-396-6346
Given, Annamarie [email protected]
Digital Innovation Specialist
Thun Library, 104 610-396-6108
Gourama, Hassan [email protected]
Associate Professor of Food Science
Luerssen, 201E 610-396-6121
Grandizio, John [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Gray, Mary [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Greenauer, Nathan [email protected]
Associate Professor of Psychology
Franco, 115 610-396-6099
Grobman, Laurie [email protected]
Professor of English and Women's Studies
Franco, 118 610-396-6141
Habecker, Nicolette [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Bruce Hale [email protected]
Professor Emeritus Kinesiology
Helen Hartman [email protected]
Professor Emeritus Kinesiology
Hartman-Caverly, Sarah [email protected]
Reference & Instruction Librarian, Thun Library
Thun, 107 610-396-6243
Hassler, Ryan [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor in Mathematics
Luerrsen, 201G 610-396-6127
Hauser, Kathleen [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor in Engineering
Gaige, 230 610-396-6359
Heiden, Robert [email protected]
Instructor in Criminal Justice