Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
McCarty, James [email protected]
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions
PSU5 Instructor
Perkins Student Center, 13 610-396-6462
McConnell, David A. [email protected]
Lecturer, Music
Meils, Elaine A. [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Education
Gaige, 236 610-396-6455
Melaouah-Shaffer, Zohra [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor
Program Chair, Global Studies
Gaige, 316 610-396-6197
Mello, Catherine [email protected]
Associate Professor of Psychology
Franco, 115 610-396-6324
Migliaccio, Todd [email protected]
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Gaige, 307B 610-396-6417
Louis Milakofsky [email protected]
Professor Emeritus Chemistry
Milligan, Chloe [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities
Franco, 152 610-396-6134
Milwood, Pauline [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management
Gaige, 321 610-396-6314
Minich, Curt [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Morant Williams, Kesha [email protected]
Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences
Franco, 149 610-396-6218
Morganti, Deena J. [email protected]
Head Librarian Emerita
Murphy, Jennifer [email protected]
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Franco, 138 610-396-6050
Mysliwiec, Tami [email protected]
Associate Professor of Biology
First Year Seminar Coordinator
Luerssen, 212C 610-396-6274
Nasereddin, Mahdi [email protected]
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Gaige, 215 610-396-6311
Nathan, Rungun [email protected]
Professor of Engineering
Program Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Gaige, 223 610-396-6170
Neely, Gretchen [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Newnham, Randall E. [email protected]
Professor of Political Science
Gaige, 309 610-396-6177
Nicholas, Cheryl L. [email protected]
Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences
Franco, 136 610-396-6168
Nowotarski, Shannon [email protected]
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Luerssen, 212D 610-396-6005