Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Sanford, David L. [email protected]
Associate Professor of Ornamental Horticulture
Luerssen, 212F 610-396-6161
Sauer, Edwin [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Gaige, 239 610-396-6364
Scanlon, Marietta [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor in Engineering
Program Chair, Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Gaige, 219 610-396-6126
Schocker, Jessica [email protected]
Associate Professor in Social Studies Education and Women's Studies
Gaige, 240 610-396-6457
Serrian, Jeane [email protected]
Lecturer in Mathematics
Luerssen, 201J 610-396-6007
Jackie Shade [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor in Biology
Luerssen, L212B 610-396-6135
Shade, Jacqueline [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor in Biology
Luerrsen, 212B 610-396-6135
Shaffer, Kirwin R. [email protected]
Professor of Latin American Studies
Gaige, 310 610-396-6258
Shank, John [email protected]
Head Librarian, Thun Library
Thun, 103 610-396-6341
Shankweiler, James [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor in Business
Gaige, 331 610-396-6327
Shaparenko, Alice [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor ofMathematics
Luerssen, 201K 610-396-6370
Shibley, Ike [email protected]
Associate Professor in Chemistry
Program Chair, Science
Luerssen, 101G 610-396-6185
Shourabi, Neda Bazyar [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Electrical Engineering
Gaige, 239 610-396-6442
Simon, Michael [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Accounting
Program Chair, Accounting
Gaige, 335 610-396-6448
Singles, Allison Altman [email protected]
Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, 102 610-396-6152
Singles, Daniel [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Eugene Slaski [email protected]
Chancellor Professor Emeritus Lehigh Valley campus of Berks Lehigh Valley College
Smeltzer, Audrey [email protected]
Instructor in Chemistry
Smith, Daniel A. [email protected]
Instructor in Music
Smith, Jonah [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor in Mathematics
Luerssen, 201G 610-396-6278