Campus Directory | Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Torres, Rosario [email protected]
Associate Professor of Spanish
Gaige, 314 610-396-6408
Lorena Tribe [email protected]
Chair, Faculty Senate
Professor, Chemistry
Luerssen Science Building, 213A 610-396-6187
Trosky, Jon [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
Veerabhadrappa, Praveen [email protected]
Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, 201F 610-396-6009
Jennifer Wakemen [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor and Program Chair, Hospitality Management
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 334 610-396-6123
Bryan S. Wang [email protected]
Teaching Professor, Biology
Luerssen Science Building, 101J 610-396-6029
Tengxiang Wang [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Engineering
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 235 610-396-6442
Weber, John Paul [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Business
Gaige, 240 610-396-6084
Weimer, Maryellen [email protected]
Professor Emeritus of Speech Communication
Weisser, Christian R. [email protected]
Professor of English
Program Chair, Writing and Digital Media
Franco, 131 610-396-6416
Westhafer, April [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Nicole Whitaker [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, English
Franco Building, 149 610-396-6203
Jeffrey Wike [email protected]
Supervisor, Electrical Engineering and Physics Labs
Adjunct Instructor, Electrical Engineering Technology
Gaige, 115 610-396-6202
Yoder Jr., John [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Geoscience
Zachowicz, William [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor in Chemistry
Luerrsen, 101E 610-396-6139
Zambanini, Jr., Robert A. [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor
Gaige, 218 610-396-6178
Zervanos, Stam. M. [email protected]
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Saide Zhu [email protected] Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 213 610-396-6326
Zimmer, Mitch [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Business
Gaige, 333 610-396-6334