Campus Directory | Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Lisa Glass [email protected] Luerssen Science Building, 114B 610-396-6190
Mark Groff [email protected]
Sergeant, Police Services
Luerssen Science Building, 112D 610-396-6198
Elpidio Guzmán De La Cruz [email protected]
Residence Life Coordinator, The Village
Ivy House, 102E 610-396-6293
Laura Harak [email protected]
Administrative Assistant, Development
Janssen Office Building, 208 610-396-6058
Ryan Hassler [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Mathematics
Professional Math Tutor, Learning Center
Luerrsen Science Building, 201F 610-396-6127
Kristin Hawley [email protected]
Coordinator of Athletic Programs, Athletics
Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, 115D 610-396-6358
Henry, Thomas [email protected]
Manager, Dining Operations/Cyber Cafe
Perkins, 106 610-396-6356
Hnath, Michelle [email protected]
Facility Coordinator, Berks LaunchBox
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts 610-396-6400
Alexa Hodge [email protected]
Coordinator, Student Support Services
Coordinator, The Aspiring Scholars Program
Coordinator, Pathway to Success: Summer Start Program
Perkins Student Center, S6A 610-396-6074
Jim Hong [email protected]
Launchbox Makerspace Coordinator, Berks LaunchBox
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts 610-396-6015
Patricia Jepsen [email protected]
Coordinator, Career Services and Internships
Adjunct Instructor, Career Management
Perkins Student Center, 10E 610-396-6019
Elyce Kaplan [email protected]
Registrar, Registrar's Office
Franco Building, 128 610-396-6090
Karetas, Ariel [email protected]
Financial Assistant, Finance Office
Franco, 125 610-396-6044
Kasper, Guadalupe [email protected]
Lecturer in Education
Program Manager, PEPP
Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, 201U 610-396-6272
Keuscher, Doug [email protected]
Network and Security Manager
Luerssen, 114 610-396-6369
Kyle Kowal [email protected]
Assistant Director, Residence Life
Ivy House, 102B 610-396-6295
Erica Kunkel [email protected] Williams Cottage 610-396-6220
Glenn Kuntz [email protected]
Instructional Designer, Academic Affairs
Thun Library, 142 610-396-6020
Neil LaGreca [email protected]
Chair, Staff Advisory Council
Assistant Director, Housing and Food Services
Perkins Student Center, 106 610-396-6259
Landis, Jeremy [email protected]
Systems Administrator
Luerssen, 114 610-396-6017