Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Abdou, Khaled [email protected]
Associate Professor of Financial Services
Gaige, 326 610-396-6173
Alikhani, Ali [email protected]
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Gaige, 306 610-396-6212
Arnold, Jennifer [email protected]edu
Professor of Biology
Luerssen, 201C 610-396-6002, 610-396-6174
Aurentz, David [email protected]
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Luerssen, 101F 610-396-6397
Aydemir-Döke, Deniz [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation and Human Services
Franco, 153 610-396-6228
Martha Aynardi [email protected]
Professor Emeritus Biology
Terry Baker [email protected]
Professor Emeritus English
Bandyopadhyay, Pradip [email protected]
Professor of Physics
Division Head, Science
Luerssen, 101B 610-396-6034
Barakati, Amir [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Gaige, 224 610-396-6340
Barragan, Oscar [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy
Franco, 143
Bartolacci, Michael R. [email protected]
Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Gaige, 217 610-396-6175
Beecham, Tara [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of English, English Composition
Coordinator of the Common Reading Program
Franco, 152 610-396-6409
Biswas, Rajorshi [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Gaige, 319
Blackney, Donna [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Bower, LeeAnn [email protected]
Luerssen, 116 610-396-6097
Bowers, William [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor
Gaige, 216 610-396-6276
James Boyer [email protected]
Professor Emeritus English
Briggs, Michael [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Kinesiology
Beaver Community Center, B114D 610-396-6376
Brown, James Needham [email protected]
Instructor in Theatre
Program Chair, Theatre
Franco Building, 143 610-396-6419
Buchanan, Richard [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor