Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Chisholm, Alexandria [email protected]
Reference & Instruction Librarian
Thun, 106 610-396-6242
Cholet, Valerie [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Kinesiology
Franco, 143 610-396-6418
Clapp, John [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Clark, Tricia [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor
Program Chair
Program Chair
Program Chair
Gaige, 211 610-396-6349
Clarke, Samantha [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Coles, Phillip S. [email protected]
Instructor in Agricultural Business
610-396-6390 ext. 3054
Comalli, Lila [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Condon-Vance, Margaret (Peggy) [email protected]
Instructor in Engineering
610-396-6390, ext. 3076
Cook, Rosemary [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Cook-Love, Marcia [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Crossen, Shauna [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Croxten, Pamela [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
Cunningham Stringer, Ebonie [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Franco, 153 610-396-6018
D'Aries, Danielle [email protected]
Instructor in Art
610-396-6390, ext 3101
Daly, Ruth [email protected]
Professor of Physics
Luerssen 201B 610-396-6273
Dareneau, Jennifer [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor of English
Franco 156 610-396-6301
De Antonio, Daniel [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
de Paulo, Craig [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor
De Senso, Justin [email protected]
Lecturer of English and African American Studies
Del Vecchio, Karen [email protected]
Academic Adviser for Division of Undergraduate Studies
PSU5 Instructor
Franco, 165 610-396-6284