Campus Directory - Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Weaver, Lisa [email protected]
Educational Program Assoc., Langan Launchbox
Williams Cottage 610-396-6220
Webb, Joseph [email protected]
Director, Student Affairs
Perkins, 6C 610-396-6072
Wetherington, Corey [email protected]
Evening Information Resources & Services Support Specialist
Thun, 104 610-396-6424
Wike, Jeffrey [email protected]
Supervisor, Electrical Engineering and Physics Labs
Gaige 115, Luerssen 214A 610-396-6202
Wilkes, Justin [email protected]
Maintenance Mechanic, Vehicle & Grounds Equipment
Implement Shed 610-396-6265
Wise, Cayley [email protected]
Assistant Bookstore Manager
Bookstore 610-396-6102
Wise, Heather [email protected]
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Janssen Office Building, 207 610-396-6052
Witmyer, Mark [email protected]
Maintenance Worker, General B
Implement Shed 610-396-6260
Wojciechowski, Alexa [email protected]
Coordinator, Placement & Internships
Perkins, 10C 610-396-6335
Yochimowitz, Corey [email protected]
Officer, Police Services
Luerssen, 112 610-396-6111
Yoh, Kevin [email protected]
Part-time Building Supervisor
Beaver 610-396-6150
Yuan, Hongyan (Red) [email protected]
Instructional Designer, Center for Learning and Teaching
Thun Library, 142 610-396-6343
Zackowski, Lisa [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Learning Center
Franco, 161 610-396-6288
Zaremski, Joan [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Academic Affairs
Franco, 125 610-396-6091
Zechman, Doug
Groundskeeper - Landscape
Implement Shed 610-396-6265
Zeiber, Patricia [email protected]
Janitorial Worker
Implement Shed 610-396-6264