Career Services Information for First Year Students

Career Services Information for First Year Students

Information for 1st Year students who are unsure about choosing a major:

You're probably saying, "Why should I think of choosing a major now? I'm just interested in getting through my first semester of college!!?"
Well, you're right! Although there is no pressure to choose a major right now, there are things that you can do during your first year that will help you begin to make career choices.

Some suggestions to get you started:

  • Take your general education courses seriously! Take courses in a variety of subjects to discover what areas spark your enthusiasm.
  • Network among your family and friends to find people in professions that interest you. Then, schedule "Informational Interviews" asking questions of the professional as to how he/she got started, what education is necessary, what the work hours are like, how you move up in the field, what do you like/dislike about your work, etc.
  • Visit the Career Services office - it is never too early to speak with a career counselor. There are career assessments available to help you learn more about your interests, abilities, personality and work values in order to choose the career that is right for you! The Career Resource Library in Room 10, Perkins Student Center is full of great books about careers, job seeking skills, learning more about choices, etc.
  • Search the internet for information about careers and your interests.

    Check out these great on-line resources:

    PSU Berks Career Services homepage
    General career information