Computer and Cybersecurity Camp

Camp Description

The Computer and Cybersecurity Camp includes problem-based instruction and hands-on activities with a strong emphasis on exposing students to computer security/information assurance careers.  Students will be involved in many activities designed to protect and defend personal privacy and information systems, and they will learn techniques for information system restoration by incorporating protection, detection, and recovery capabilities.

Camp Overview

Introduction of Information Security and Privacy - Information confidentiality, integrity, and availability; terminology of information security; digital rights; privacy; threats to information security and privacy

Technology for Information Security - Cryptography; symmetric encryption algorithms; asymmetric and public key encryption; hashing; authentication and authentication factors (passwords, k smart cards, biometrics)

PC Security - Patching and software updates; detecting and protecting against malicious software; PC firewalls; PC vulnerability analysis; browser and e-mail security; protecting files and folders using encryption and password; backups, restoring computers, and disaster recovery; PC security policies

Networking and Internet Protocols - Basic function of the TC/IP layers; addressing (IP, port numbers, physical); network topologies; client/server paradigm. Network firewalls and network defense; intrusion detection; physical security for networks; network administration.

Activities described are general topics and are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.