Veterinary Science Camp

Camp Description:

The Veterinary Science Camp combines hands-on experience with live animals while introducing and reviewing the scientific principles of biology, chemistry, and anatomy.  Students will take on the role of veterinary assistants under the watchful eye of a veterinarian.  Campers will gain firsthand experience with laboratory work, surgery, ultrasound, x-rays, cultures, suturing, and administration of injections.  Students will have the opportunity to explore the many different veterinary science career possibilities as they visit a small animal veterinary hospital.

Camp Overview

Laboratory Work

Campers will participate in many hands-on laboratory activities using blood, urine and other samples from real patients.  They will learn how to review and interpret the results of their tests. Selected animal diseases will also be discussed in light of the lab work the students performed. Basic animal anatomy will be explored during a mock surgery and as they dissect a heart to help students understand what is “normal”.

Intro to Veterinary Medicine

Participants will tour a small animal veterinary clinic and observe any surgeries that may be performed that day. Students will perform physical exams on several live animals. They learn how to prevent common pet animal diseases and how the recognize early signs of disease pets.  Using simulation materials, students will suture wounds, give injections and perform a culture as they explore Veterinary Medicine.  Real cases will be discussed thru out the week to help campers see how diseases are diagnosed


A trip to the veterinary hospital will allow the campers to observe working veterinarians, veterinary technician, and veterinary assistants at work.  Back on campus, the students will see the beating heart and examination of abdominal organs as guest instructor, Dr. Jason Tomes, veterinary ultrasound specialist, performs an ultrasound on a canine patient.

Animal Care Topics

Bio security measures and large animal husbandry will be discussed during our dairy farm visit.  Preventative pet care will be discussed throughout the entire week.

Career Exploration

Penn State faculty and other veterinary professionals will discuss various career options for a pre-veterinary student.  Students that are serious about pursuing a career in veterinary medicine will have the tools they need to embark on journey. Selected animal ethical issues will be discussed as time allows.

Activities described are general topics and are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.