Club Sports

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Full-time students of PSU Berks have the opportunity to compete in Club Sport venues not provided by the athletic varsity program. The teams compete with colleges throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and in regional/national championships. For more information, please review the list of clubs and advisors.

Club Sports

Learn about Club Sports at Penn State Berks

Men's and Women's Bowling Club

Cheerleading Club

Dance Team

Women's Equestrian Club

Men's Ice Hockey Club

Men's Lacrosse Club

Men's Rugby Club

Men's and Women's Track and Field Club

Men's Volleyball Club

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports offerings vary from year to year. Typical examples include:

Flag Football

Beach Volleyball

3 on 3 Basketball

5 on 5 Basketball



Disc Golf


Table Tennis

Learn about Intramural Sports at Penn State Berks or contact Tim Coleman at (610) 396-6151 or [email protected].

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