Current Projects

Current Projects

Lion's Landing - Purchase a brick

Construction of the Lion's Landing was completed in the Spring of 2015. Bricks will be sold until all are inscribed.

Gazebo Dedicated in Honor of Schlossers

On July 16, 2015, the gazebo behind the Janssen Office Building was dedicated to the Janssen home caretakers (of 34 years), Franz and Frances Schlosser.

Athletic Field

Construction of the new artificial turf athletic field is now complete. Naming opportunities are available.

Adopt-a-tern Program

The Common Tern is an integral member of the Great Lakes? ecosystem whose loss would symbolize a major ecological change, so research efforts are being made by students and faculty at Penn State Berks to curb their decline.

Perkins Plaza

The Plaza honors the memory of Dr. Harold W. Perkins and also provides a beautiful gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and community members. It includes outdoor seating, a water feature, and a clock carillon.