Vision Statement

Our vision is for a college in which faculty, staff, students and community members have been introduced to the people and traditions of a culture other than their own. The culture could be in this country, surrounding communities adjacent to the College and/or in some other part of the world. The introduction to another culture and the ability to compare it with one's own stimulates analytical thinking and learning at both the cognitive and affective level. The "experience" of another culture is a critically important dimension of education for global citizenship in the 21st century. Understanding and respecting the diverse characteristics of human beings allows us a new dimension to learning.


  • Develop a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity
  • Create a welcoming climate
  • Recruit and retain a diverse student body
  • Recruit and retain a diverse work force
  • Develop a curriculum that supports the goals of our general education program
  • Diversify leadership and management
  • Coordinate organizational changes to support our diversity goals


  • We recognize individual differences and the contributions of every member of the college community.
  • We commit ourselves to establishing a just community where the dignity of all college community members is affirmed and valued.
  • We commit ourselves to enhancing the diversity of the College.
  • We commit ourselves to valuing and serving a diverse population in the nation and the world.