photo of Dominic Frongillo
Image: Penn State

Dominic Frongillo: How the Millennial Generation is Winning a Just & Sustainable Future

Friday, April 13, 2018
7:00 p.m.
Luerssen 005

Outspoken advocate and internationally recognized, former elected official Dominic Frongillo will share his perspective as the youngest-ever council member in Caroline, New York, and delegate to United Nations climate talks, on how young people around the world are leading successful impact enterprises, grassroots movements, and innovations for sustainability and political change. He will share inspiring stories from the front lines of the fight against climate change and for a sustainable future, from the United Nations climate negotiations in South Africa to rooftop solar innovations in California to winning a ban on fracking in New York. Participants will learn how to get off the ground directly after college to make a powerful impact for what truly matters. 

A five-time delegate to the United Nations, in 2012, Frongillo founded Elected Officials to Protect New York, a successful bipartisan campaign of over 850 elected officials across the state that helped win New York's statewide ban on fracking. Frongillo was trained by Al Gore, served under Governor Paterson on New York's Climate Action Plan advisory panel, and is a board director for Black Oak Wind Farm, New York State's first community-owned wind farm. Frongillo speaks frequently at universities across the country such as Brown, Cornell and Furman on topics of climate change, sustainability and social movements. Individuals with disabilities are welcome.

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