Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Checklist


  1. Obtain PIN for FAFSA
    • Student and/or
    • Parent
  2. Complete FAFSA

Important Notes

The code to use for any Penn State Campus is 003329. There are no specific codes for each campus.

In order to meet the eligibility requirements, you must:

  1. Complete the FAFSA each year
  2. Meet Penn State's academic progress standards
  3. Not be in default or owe repayment
  4. Be enrolled in an eligible degree program
  5. Be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits undergraduate; 5 credits graduate)
  6. Be registered for Selective Service (males 18-25)
  7. Be a citizen or eligible non-citizen with valid social security number
  8. Have a High School diploma, GED, or passing "ability to benefit" test result

Important Dates

October 1: FAFSA available for renewal

December 1: Priority filing deadline for new students

May 1: Pennsylvania deadline


Contact the Financial Aid Office at 610-396-6070. Visit us at Perkins Student Center, room 6.