Student Initiated Fee Request Form

The SIF Committee welcomes all proposals and does reserve the right to reject any proposal that leaves any of the fields empty or incomplete. All information is needed to ensure the best possible distribution of the Student Initiated Fee.

The primary use for activities funds is to enhance the campus climate through student-initiated programming, activities, and experiences. Student Activities educate, entertain, and/or engage students outside of academic requirements. Student Fee revenue should supplement, and NOT REPLACE, current University funding to programs and services.

If you have questions, please contact Tracy Garnick at [email protected] or Lestine Paye at [email protected]

Please provide as much information as possible to permit the Committee to fully understand and review your proposal.
A student requesting funding MUST have a faculty/staff contact.
Funding requested for
SIF programs/activities must be open to all students. Will this one?
For each item, include and clearly identify the Item Name, Unit Price, Quantity, Item Total and Location
Please indicate whether you will provide an invoice and/or any attachments whenever possible in order to justify costs.
For example, if your event needs a bus, provide an invoice from the bus company to support the request.
For each item, include and clearly identify the Item Purchased, Date, Total Cost, and Number Attended