Winter 2000


The honors trip for winter 2000 was to Greece. This trip complemented the course ENGL 30 that was taught by Dr. Sandy Feinstein.

Group shot in front of the Acropolis on Aereopagos Hill


Honors travel to Greece

The best way to travel on Hydra


Honors travel to Greece

We saw the ancient ruins of Delphi. We viewed Corinth, which is mentioned in the New Testament (i.e. Corinthians). We stood on the very rock that Paul stood on to heal hundreds of sinners. We saw the palace ruins of Mycenae, where a king was buried.  It has an underground hidden staircase of 99 stairs that leads to a tomb. In Epidaurus, we went to the theatre where you can hear a dime drop from all seats. It was very interesting because it was designed originally by Greek architects. Great acoustics!  Back in the city, we climbed to the top of the Acropolis and saw the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike with the Porch of Maidens. It was a really great look-out point over the city. On Hydra Island in the Aegean Sea we rode donkeys up and down the village alleys. Other days, we saw the National Cemetery, the National Gardens, Olympic Stadium, and many others. Now you have our trip in a nutshell.  
-- by Sarah Key