How and Why Things Work

How and Why Things Work

Camp Description

Campers will have an enriching hands-on, fun filled week exploring scientific and engineering principles with the opportunity to discover the “whys” related to how we do things.  It’s a little bit of science, technology, engineering and environmental all rolled into one great week!

Camp Overview

Telling a Scientific Story - Campers will develop learn how to develop spreadsheets, create graphs and cost analysis and science communication.  Be a Consumer Reports scientist and develop tests to determine which would be the better brand. 

Science Under Construction - What does it take to engineer the perfect bridge?  What is the best recipe for the strongest concrete?   Emergency! Emergency!  Help is needed to respond to a hazardous spill!  Finally, become a Certified Virtual Seismologists!  All in one day!

Environmental Studies - What to do with this Foul Water?  See just how much clean water you can recover from a very dirty sample!  Is our stream healthy?  Campers will conduct biological and chemical analysis along the mighty Tulpehocken.   Is our drinking water safe?  Conduct tests on the drinking water around campus and find out if it meets drinking water standards. 

Rollercoaster Design - What a wild ride!  Can your team create the perfect rollercoaster? 

Science R&D - The camp weeks comes to a close with a variety of design competitions that would make Rube Goldberg and his chicken proud!  And the best part, making homemade ice cream!

Activities described are general topics and are subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.