i-clicker Student Response System

Synch your course roster to students' clicker remote ID numbers


Through synchronization at the i-clicker web registration site, i-grader can automatically match students' names in your ANGEL roster with the appropriate clicker remote identification number. Follow these steps to set it up.

Step 1: Export your ANGEL roster

  • Log in to ANGEL and select the course in which you are using i-clicker
  • Locate and select the Manage tab.
  • Under the Management Console, locate the Course Management section and select the Gradebook link.
  • From the Gradebook main menu, locate and select the Export Grades option.
  • On the Export Grades screen, select the following options:
    • Comma separated
    • Output format: Percentage
  • Click Export.
  • Save the resulting file in the folder for your course that was created in your i-clicker software files. (You probably have the files on a flash drive.) Look for a folder such as Classes/ENGEL-001-001 and save the file in the appropriate course folder.

Step 2: Synchronize Web Registrations

After students have registered their clickers at the i>clicker site and you have held at least one polling session, you are able to synchronize your roster with clicker registrations by using the Sync button.

  • Open i-grader and select the desired course
  • Click the Sync button in the bottom right corner of the i-grader home page.
  • The Synchronize Web Registrations window opens. Click Continue.

Click continue in the Web Synchronization window

  • i-grader will synchronize your roster with your students' registrations for their remotes.
  • After the process has completed, click Close.

Resolving Inconsistencies

If an inconsistency between your roster and the web registrations is identified, you will be prompted to resolve it.

  • Registration Conflict Options:
    • Ignore - no registration information is associated with the student
    • Accept - student ID is included in i>grader and associated with correct remote ID
    • Cancel - exits the registration process and makes no changes
  • Sometimes a student has entered a 9-digit student ID instead of their Access Account ID.
    • i-grader may identify a possible match if the name the student entered matches a name in your roster.
    • You will be prompted to either ignore or accept the match. You can also cancel the entire registration process.

Manually Match Students and Clickers

After synchronizing your roster with clicker registrations, some students may not be matched to a clicker ID, or a clicker ID may not be associated with a student's name.

Match an unregistered clicker ID with a student name

  • Double-click on the Clicker ID
  • Select the student's name from the drop-down list for Assign to student ID.

select the appropriate student from the dropdown menu

Enter a clicker ID for a student name on roster

You can manually enter a clicker ID number for a student on your roster that has not been matched by the system.

  • Double-click on the student's name (see image below).
  • Type the student's clicker ID number in the Add new Clicker ID field.
  • Click OK.

Double-click the student name to manually associate a clicker ID