Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures

Weather Emergency Information - 610-396-6375

In the event of significant ice or snow accumulation, the Chancellor may decide to delay, cancel classes or close the campus. While this is not an easy decision to make, campus administrators review all of the variables and information available, including the weather forecast and current conditions before making a decision. The final authority rests with the Chancellor to determine if adjustments to campus operations must be made. Please follow the guidelines below for each circumstance:


The starting times of all classes during a "Delayed" schedule are listed at Campus offices will open at the same time the first class of the day begins. Please park in the parking lots that have been cleared of snow.


Classes may be cancelled for the morning, afternoon, and/or evening. All staff members are expected to call 610-396-6375 for information about the status of campus operations.

Campus Closure

Please do not report to work/campus to allow the maintenance staff to clear the snow. This applies to everyone except "Essential Staff". Essential Staff are those required to maintain campus operations even during extreme weather and other special conditions. Essential Staff are notified of their status in advance. The closing announcement will include the re-open time (i.e. 5:00 pm that same day, 6:00 am the following morning.) When the campus re-opens, please park in the lots that have been cleared of snow. OVERNIGHT PARKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN NON-RESIDENTIAL LOTS DURING SNOW STORMS.

The decision about delays, cancellations or closings will be made no later than 6:00 am for day classes or by 3:00 pm for evening classes, unless unexpected weather developments dictate otherwise. For updated information about the operational status of the campus, tune in to local radio/television stations or call the Berks Campus Weather Emergency Telephone Number 610-396-6375.


If you must cancel individual classes, please leave a message about class cancellations on your voicemail, CANVAS, course website, email list-serve or any other medium accessible by your students. Faculty should also call or e-mail their division assistant about class cancellations (Gail Chiriani/EBC: ext. 6146, [email protected]; Lanie Brunk/HASS: ext. 6145, [email protected]; Holly Rizzuto/Science: ext. 6306, [email protected]) In the evening, call or e-mail Lanie Brunk about class cancellations (ext. 6145, [email protected])


If extreme weather conditions delay or prevent you from reporting to work when campus offices are open, you must promptly inform your immediate supervisor of your absence. Additionally, you must use vacation or personal time to account for the absence.

It is your responsibility to check the status of the campus operations by calling the Berks Campus Weather Emergency Telephone Number 610-396-6375.