Middle School Summer Camps

The Discovery Summer Camps for middle school students are scheduled throughout June, July and August.  Camp offering details will be updated in January, 2019 and camps will be open for student registration in early February 2019.  Students entering grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 in the fall of 2019 are encouraged to attend.

If you would like to be contacted with more information about the Penn State Berks Discovery Summer Camps, please sign up here.

Junior Nittany Criminal Investigative Science Camp Badge

Discover the science and the techniques used to solve crimes by collecting and analyzing evidence.

Movie Making: Storylines and iMovie

The fun filled week will explore the fundamentals of writing a good story, reading and writing scripts, character exploration, digital tools, iMovie basics, and film making/animation. No technology experience needed-creativity found in class!

RoboCamp: Where Minds Meet Technology Badge

Campers will work in teams, building and programming NXT Mindstorms. Students will accept various challenges throughout the week to make their robots perform. Fun, learning, and competition all wrapped up in one memorable week.

Minecraft Designers: Code Your Own Adventures CampBadge

If your child loves playing video games, this camp is sure to please.  No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to have fun.  Campers will learn the basics in design, animation, and simple coding. 

Science of Technology Camp Badge

Engineering technology is an outstanding way to introduce the young scientific mind to the high-technology world.  Our camp will prepare students for these careers by presenting basic engineering principles with hands-on learning opportunities, working with simple and motorized machines. In addition to having fun, participants will learn about mechanical and software design, problem solving, and teamwork skills.

Camp Shakespeare: Theatre Camp Badge

Students will explore the superlative language of the plays of Shakespeare through daily workshops in voice, movement, analysis of text, and acting. Students of Shakespeare learn by DOING, and the focus of the workshops will be on performing.

Full STEAM Ahead: Building an Idea into an Invention badge

Imagination is good, embrace your child’s creative side! In this camp, kids take original ideas and make them into real things using STEAM principles. Ingenuity, design and engineering principles and construction basics contribute to a fascinating fun filled week. Projects showcased on Friday.

Tinkering with Tinker Bell Camp Badge

Come and tinker with technology at the Tinkerbell Camp, where we engage girls in activities designed to unleash their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills in fun and exciting ways.

Engineering for Generation Z Icon

Children born after 2010 are the Z generation; these children have never known a world without technology. With their technical savvy, our generation anticipates a lot from them, especially regarding innovation and entrepreneurship. We encourage camper development by showcasing non-traditional engineering fields--agricultural engineering, green engineering/urban landscapes, and bioengineering.