New Student Orientation Part 1: Advising & Scheduling

The Divison of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)

Welcome to Penn State and to DUS

If you are exploring academic programs in two or more colleges before committing to a specific college or major then you should be enrolled in The Division of Undergraduate Studies.

To begin the exploratory process you should:

  • Visit the main DUS site. Read the sections entitled Introduction, Misperceptions, and Six Considerations. 
  • Visit Penn State Majors and read descriptions of the many majors at Penn State.
  • Make a list of majors you want to investigate.
  • Explore the different campus locations of Penn State that offer the major(s) you are interested in.
  • Bring your list of majors to your NSO1 day.

Helpful tips:

  1. Do not be discouraged if you have no idea which majors you want to consider. You may want to begin by eliminating the majors you know you do not want. You may already know whether you are interested in majors which require more or fewer math and science courses. You may have decided on a particular campus location where you want to complete your degree. As you learn more about each major and its campus location, you will be able to narrow your list.
  2. Caution! Although you will begin your courses at Berks, some majors may be completed at only one campus. For example, Global Studies may be completed only at the Berks Campus. Some majors may be completed at several different campus locations, such as Business. Remember to explore both major(s) and campus locations(s)--if there is a choice.

Congratulations! You have completed the first step on the path to exploring the majors at Penn State.