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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments for Communication, Arts & Sciences (HASS)

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Student Learning Outcome 1:

Students will be able to apply to specific areas of interest, major theoretical knowledge of and core skills in rhetoric and communication science.

Student Learning Outcome 2:

Students will be able to as individuals and working with others in groups, to think critically, creatively, and apply ethical thinking in approaches to decision making and problem solving using communication solutions.

Student Learning Outcome 3:

Students will be able to construct effective arguments and to express them with confidence and presentational expertise to a variety of audiences.

Student Learning Outcome 4:

Students will be able to locate, synthesize, and assimilate new information from a variety of sources.

Student Learning Outcome 5:

Students will have an active interest, understanding, and engagement in diverse communities, both local and global.

Student Learning Outcome 6:

Students will be able to function as a member of a democratic community.


Program Coordinator:

Dr. E. Michele Ramsey, [email protected] or 610-396-6448


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