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IRA Assessment Programs, Learning Outcomes & Assessments-Engineering Entrepreneurship Minor (EBC)

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Competency One:

Students will demonstrate communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, and written skills) needed to share innovative product/idea(s).

  1. Demonstrate ability to describe, explain, demonstrate, and defend new business ideas and concepts.
  2. Use persuasive communication to market ideas and secure funding from potential investors.
  3. Successfully network to navigate appropriate economies (global, regional, and local).

Competency Two:

Students will identify opportunity including seeing market possibilities and the product/idea from a customer?s perspective.

Competency Three:

Students will define and solve problems.

Competency Four:

Students will work in a team environment.

  1. Engage appropriate teamwork skills needed to succeed in an entrepreneurship environment.
  2. Exhibit leadership of entrepreneurship teams.
  3. Collaborate among group members and across other entities, projects, etc.
  4. Be team-oriented.

Competency Five:

Students will demonstrate appropriate critical thinking skills requisite in an entrepreneurship environment.

Competency Six:

Students will demonstrate ability to be an ?ambidextrous thinker?, one who can appropriately blend rigor with creativity.


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