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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments for Hotel, Restaurant, & Institutional Management (EBC)

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Goal 1: Leadership Skills

Students will develop managerial operational skills that will assist them in sustaining a leadership career in the hospitality industry.

Goal 2: Teamwork Skills

Students will develop skills to become effective team members in the hospitality industry.

Goal 3: Diversity

Students will demonstrate awareness of the sensitivity required to work with diverse customers and employees.

Goal 4: Networking

Students will develop an understanding of the importance of networking with hospitality industry organizations, hospitality professionals, and alumni of the 2HRIM program at Berks Campus and the School of Hospitality Management they have encountered throughout their course of study.

Goal 5: Continuing Education

Students will explore continuing education opportunities that will assist them in maintaining a current view of trends and applications in hospitality management.

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Jim Bardi, [email protected] or 610-396-6132


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