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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments for Letters, Arts & Sciences (HASS)

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Learning Outcome 1:

Students will develop skills that will be conducive to their future academic and professional endeavors.

Learning Outcome 2:

Students will develop and demonstrate the ability to use oral and written communication skills maturely and persuasively.

Learning Outcome 3:

Students will develop a mature capacity to read, integrate, and respond analytically and intuitively to content in various academic disciplines, including humanities, mathematics, social sciences, sciences, and the arts.

Learning Outcome 4:

Students will improve their ability to present ideas publicly and to engage and inform a live audience.< /p>

Learning Outcome 5:

Students will learn how to draft successful papers in stages, to respond critically and constructively to the work of their fellow students, and to thereby enhance their own writing.

Learning Outcome 6:

Students will be able to effectively use information systems.

Learning Outcome 7:

Students will be able to use appropriate tools (databases, documents, etc.) to critically evaluate important academic issues and interpret these sources for bias and validity.

Learning Outcome 8:

Students will be able to evaluate United States and global cultural and societal issues theoretically and critically.< /p>

Learning Outcome 9:

Students will develop confidence in, and grow from, college level tests and writing assignments and from verbal engagement with others about intellectual and aesthetic propositions and controversies.

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Thomas Lynn, [email protected] or 610-396-6298


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