Planning, Research & Assessment

2009-10 Assessment Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Michele Ramsey, Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Communications Arts & Sciences (CAS).  Development of an online test to assess CAS competencies

  • Cheryl Gustitus, Senior DUS Advisor:  Comparison of StrengthQuest First Year Seminar students to Non-StrengthQuest First Year Seminar students

  • Dr. Sadan Kulturel, Associate Professor, MIS.  Develop assessments aligned with Entrepreneur-ship Minor Program objectives

  • Dr. Jim Bardi, Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management.  Development of a group work rubric

  • Dr. Lolita Paff, Associate Professor Economics & Program Coordinator, Business.  Development of a rubric to assess internship experiences

  • Dr. Christian Weisser, Associate Professor English & Program Coordinator, Professional Writing.  Use of internship supervisor feedback to improve internship experiences

2009-10 Assessment Grant Committee Members 

  • Walt Fullam, Director Continuing Education 
  • Pradip Bandyopadhyay, Division Head Science 
  • John Shank,  Associate Librarian; Instructional Design Librarian