Planning, Research & Assessment

Financial Responsibility and Internal Recycling

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The funding for the College is dependent upon student enrollment, Continuing Education and Outreach spread (net gain), and the efforts of the Development team. During the 2002 to 2005 strategic planning cycle, the College allocated temporary funds based upon the strategic plan objectives, moving the former BKLV forward in its prior goals and initiatives. That process will be improved upon during this next phase of the planning cycle for Berks.

The 1% recycling will be supplied from all areas within departmental allotments with the exception of utilities and Student Information Technology and Student Activity fees. The internal recycling funds will be divided into three areas: programming, staffing, and facilities. While the action plan lists resources that total well-beyond the $132,962 per year or the expected monies available in Schedule 4; the resources identified will be funded on a priority basis as the funds from enrollment growth and other financial means become available. Each year the Administrative Council at the College will review the action plan resources to determine the reallocation of funds within that year?s funding process. Appendix E includes an itemized list of resources organized by cycle year that have been identified to accomplish the initiatives. In addition, reallocation or redistribution of those resources internally within departmental allocations (salary savings, phased out programs) will occur when appropriate to fund the identified strategic initiatives that will move the College and University forward in its goals.