Planning, Research & Assessment

Strategic Plan Advocates:  2008-2009

Dr. Martha Aynardi
Senior Lecturer, Biology & Director of Academic Support & Projects

Jerry Bachert
Area Rep- Continuing Education

Dr. David Bender
Associate Professor of Education & Campus Registrar

Elaine Berish
Area Rep- Continuing Education

Kim Berry
Chief Operating Officer

Pete Coleman
Assistant Director of Student Affairs/Student Support Services

Dr. Mary Lou D'Allegro
Senior Director, Planning, Research & Assessment

Dr. Paul Esqueda
Associate Dean

Walt Fullam
Director of Continuing Education

Pat Kohrman 
Chief Information Officer

Dennis Mays 
Finance Officer

Danielle Richards
Director of Academic Advising Center

Teri Sabatelli
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

John Shank
Associate Librarian & Director of the Center for Learning & Teaching

Dr. Ike Shibley
Associate Professor Chemistry

Dr. Blaine Steensland
Senior Director- Student Services & Enrollment Management

Lisa Weidman 
Director of University Relations

Dr. Susan P. Speece