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Teaching and Learning

Professor teaching the students about the baja car

Penn State Berks (BK) offers programs that are responsive to the needs of a diverse student population and the communities we serve. The College is dedicated to equip students with the ability to think critically, to solve problems, to apply their knowledge and skills in diverse settings, to engage in genuine inquiry, and to communicate effectively in different contexts. It pursues this goal through student-centered learning both in and out of the classroom, curricular connections, and the integration of teaching, research, and outreach. The College is characterized by its commitment to pedagogies and instructional technologies that actively engage students in their education and that encourage them to take increasing responsibility for learning. By involving students in undergraduate research, internships and experiential learning, the College seeks to motivate students to pursue life-long learning and to cultivate a sense of civic responsibility. To ensure the quality and vitality of its programs, the College is committed to the ongoing professional development and personal growth of faculty and staff and dedicated to the ongoing assessment and continuous improvement of the curriculum and programs.