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Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments for Biology (SCI)

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Objective 1:

Students will be able to explain the process of evolution and its underlying principles and mechanism.

Objective 2:

Students will be able to explain the fundamental biological processes including (but not limited to) cell structure and function, ecological diversity, animal and plant physiology and genetic analysis of prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

Objective 3:

Students will be able to discuss the relationships between form and function of biological structures at the molecular, cellular, organismal, population, and ecosystem levels of the biological hierarchy.

Objective 4:

Students will be able to read, understand, and critically interpret the primary biological literature.

Objective 5:

The student will be able to design, conduct, analyze, and communicate (in writing and orally) biological research.

Objective 6:

The student will recognize and be able to apply basic ethical principles to basic and applied biological/biomedical practice and will understand the role of biological/biomedical science, scientists, and practitioners in society.

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Maureen Dunbar, [email protected] or 610-396-6328

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