Planning, Research & Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes & Assessments for B.S. Information Sciences & Technology

Goal 1:

Understand and apply the interdisciplinary, theoretical knowledge of the information sciences or security sciences

  • 1a. Define and explain the core concepts, principles, processes, an theories within the acedemic majors of IST an/or SRA
  • 1b. Apply the core concepts of the academic majors of IST and/or SRA to real-world problems
  • 1c. Apply the core concepts of information and security sciences to an extended work assignment

Goal 2:

Understand, apply and adapt various problem solving strategies, using appropriate technology and methods

  • 2a. Identify information problems and/or opportunities in terms of the human, informational and technology dimensions
  • 2b. Analyze issues surrounding the problem and/or opportunity in terms of the human, informational, and technology dimensions; and determine the requirements appropriate to understanding the situation
  • 2c. Design systems, architectures, processes, components, or programs to meet desired needs of the human context at varying levels of analysis
  • 2d. Deploy up-to-date and appropriate techniques, methodologies, and/or tools necessary for understanding opportunities and constraints and/or the optimal design, implementation and continuance of an information based solution
  • 2e. Evaluate the success of systems, architecture, processes,components, or programs intended to meet desired needs of the human context at varying levels of analysis

Goal 3:

Communicate and work effectively (both individually and in teams) with a range of perspectives and audiences through a variety of media

  • 3a. Participate effectively on teams in order to accomplish a common goal
  • 3b. Communicate effectively with a range of audiences, formally or informally, through writing and the spoken word
  • 3c. Seek out, analyze, and incorporate diverse ideas and broader perspectives represented in the diversity of people
  • 3d. Make respectful and inclusive choices in interacting with customers, peers, supervisors, and/or subordinates with a diversity of identity characteristics

Goal 4:

Understand professional responsibilities in terms of the ethical, legal, security and social aspects of any given problem and its solution

  • 4a. Demonstrate an understanding of the cognitive, social, legal, ethical, diversity, and security perspectives surrounding a given problem
  • 4b. Assess the impact of information, computing and technology on individuals, groups, organizations, society, and the world for the purpose of making informed decisions from a sociological, governmental, legal, and/or security perspective

Goal 5:

Commit to the continuous acquisition of relevant knowledge for professional development by self teaching and/or on-going education and learning

  • 5a. Employ information-seeking strategies in pursuit of current knowledge
  • 5b. Engage in self-directed learning to meet professional goals
  • 5c. Enroll in professional development and tutoring opportunities

Program Coordinator:

Dr.Susanne Samson, [email protected] or 610-396-6133


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